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Saving Kiwi in Taranaki
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East Taranaki Environment Trust (ETET) has been growing the kiwi population in Taranaki since 2005.

We have around 13,000 hectares of land in Purangi, East Taranaki, which is home to over 500 pair of kiwi. We are proud to be one of the largest community environment schemes in New Zealand. You can get involved with our conservation project by:

  • making a donation,
  • adopting a bird,
  • volunteering or
  • sponsoring our efforts.

  • We are also working on re-introducing kokako to the region. Please join ETET on our journey to maintain a sustainable wild kiwi population in East Taranaki. We want to make sure future generations can be part of our local kiwi story. 

    Check out our project video for more information on our project.