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Saving Kiwi in Taranaki
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Hello and welcome to East Taranaki Environment Trust home page.

We are often called just ETET, and you will find us referred on this site as either.

"We are kiwis and we care about our kiwi. It's what we all call ourselves - kiwis; and we want to make sure future generations can also be part of the kiwi story."

As you can see from the pictures our focus is our kiwi project in Taranaki. Our kiwi project is a major player in New Zealand community conservation. We have self guided or guided tour within the kiwi reserve in a public walkway which we have developed to share the experience. The donations we receive from people visiting helps with our East Taranaki kiwi conservation project.

Our Vision: We want to maintain a sustainable wild kiwi population in East Taranaki.  We want kiwi to be part of the community.

 We are working on re-introducing kokako in 2014. Why don't you join us on the journey. Sponsor a kokako or a kiwi at our East Taranaki kiwi project.

ETET was established in 2005.